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Bloomsbury New York 20th Century Prints

Bloomsbury Auctions New York is pleased to announce its second sale of 20th Century Prints to be held November 5th 2008. The sale will showcase a broad selection of prints from the Modern, Contemporary and Pop periods. Highlights include works by Picasso, including Minotaure Caressant une Dormouse,from the masterful La Suite Vollard ($100,000-150,000), and La Dame à la Collerette, Portrait de Jacqueline à la Fraise ($50,000-60,000). Other highlights include a selection of Joan Miró prints not often seen at auction, including Le Permissionaire ($25,000-35,000), l’otarie savant ($10.000-15,000) and The Feverish Eskimo ($5000-7000).

The Contemporary period is represented by such prints as Agnus Martin’s On a Clear Day ($40,000-60,000), as well as Jasper Johns’ 0 through 9 ($20,000-30,000) and Green Angel ($18,000-22,000). The sale also incorporates a stellar collection of prints by Robert Motherwell, including the complete suites of Octavio Paz and Three Poems by Octavio Paz, as well as Elegy Study I ($8,000-12,000), Black With no Way Out ($8,000-12,000), Lament for Lorca ($10,000-15,000), and Black With no Way Out and Mask for Ingmar Bergman ($10,000-15,000).

In addition, this extraordinary sale includes a strong representation from the Pop period, including Ed Ruscha’s Clock ($8,000-10,000), Wayne Theibaud’s Steep Street ($5,000-7,000) a selection from Richard Diebenkorn’s Five Spades series, and a range of pieces by Robert Indiana. The ever-popular Andy Warhol rounds out the sale with a collection of works, including three prints from Warhol’s Myths, as well as a selection of hand-colored prints from the series 25 Cats Named Sam, and One Blue Pussy; à la Recherche du Shoe Perdu; and In the Bottom of my Garden (ranging from $6000-9000).

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