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Fine Jewelry Signature® Auction

The Romans called them “tears of the gods,” and with good reason; humans have always had an obsession with fine diamonds. Such delicate and enduring beauty has assured the diamond a consistent place among the world’s greatest and most-sought after treasures. Now, several exquisite “tears” are featured in Heritage’s Fine Jewelry Signature® Auction, Dec. 8, 2008.

One of two highlight lots of the sale will be a platinum ring by Martin Flyer, showcasing a Fancy Light Pink cushion-shaped diamond weighing 4.03 carats. It’s estimated at $150,000-$200,000.

“It’s exceptionally rare to find a pink diamond in the 4-carat range, and even rarer to find one that is GIA certified Internally Flawless,” says Jill Burgum, Heritage’s director of Fine Jewelry Auctions.

The second highlight lot is another significant diamond – an unmounted Asscher-Cut diamond weighing 5.09 carats. The diamond is also estimated at $150,000-$200,000.

“The Asscher-cut was developed by Joseph Asscher and reached its peak of popularity in the 1920s,” says Burgum. “This particular diamond has size, exceptional color and clarity, plus it’s a rare cut to find.”

A “Chameleon” diamond ring rounds out the main suite of this auction, estimated at $35,000-$45,000. It showcases a Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green oval-shaped diamond weighing 2.25 carats.

“This is a natural color change diamond, which is extremely rare to find,” Burgum says. “At night, it’s yellow. Under light, it is green. All of these diamonds are delightful, from the unmounted Asscher-cut to the finished pieces of jewelry.”

Heritage’s Fine Jewelry Signature® Auction is scheduled for Dec. 8.

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