Christie’s New York Announces New Sales Platform

As part of Christie’s long-term strategy and vision, and following the success in 2006 of the combination of Old Masters and Early British Pictures, Christie’s New York announces a new sales initiative for important European Art circa 1300 to 1900. As of June 2009, Christie’s sales calendar in New York will present auctions offering Old Master and British Pictures alongside 19th Century European Art, Old Master Drawings, and British Drawings and Watercolours. This new consolidated category, entitled Old Masters and 19th Century Art, combines the strengths of Christie’s leading specialists in traditional European art and creates a consolidated New York sales team that is better aligned with its modern audience of international collectors.

The department will be led by Nicholas Hall, International Director of Old Masters and 19th Century Art, and Ben Hall, Director and Head of Old Masters and 19th Century Art, both based at Christie’s New York.

“This new initiative formalizes a process that began several years ago with the successful introduction of major 19th century works into our Old Master Paintings sales, including the record-breaking sale in 2006 of J.M.W. Turner’s 19th century masterpiece, Guidecca, La Donna della Salute and San Giorgio,” said Hall. Similarly, the upcoming sale of Important Old Master Paintings and Sculpture on January 28 includes an array of exceptional works from the early 15th century up to the 19th century, including major works by Turner, John Constable, Ippolito Caffi, and Anne-Louis Girodet.

The new sales calendar will include a flagship international auction each January in New York of the most important paintings, drawings and watercolours from the consolidated category, followed by an additional mid-season auction each June. Additionally, further works of art will be offered in Interiors sales throughout the year in New York.

The annual sales calendar of various-owner auctions will be as follows:

June 2009 Old Masters and 19th Century Art New York
January 2010 Old Masters and 19th Century Art, Part I New York
January 2010 Old Masters and 19th Century Art, Part II New York