Leonard Joel Auctioneers Appeal for Bushfire Victims

Leonard Joel has launched an appeal to its clients and other members of the public to consign art, antiques and jewellery to auction in a bid to help the victims of the Victorian Bushfires.

st-vincent-de-paul.jpgLeonard Joel is appealing to those sellers to donate the proceeds to the St Vincent de Paul Society’s Victorian Disaster Appeal and receive a 100% tax deduction.

Leonard Joel will offer to sell any such goods without seller’s charges and furthermore, will match any proceeds from the sale of goods donated to the fund dollar for dollar up to $25,000 until 31 March 2009.

Leonard Joel has teamed up with St Vincent de Paul Society’s Victorian Disaster Appeal which is DGR under the charities provisions in tax legislation. This means that the vendors may direct Leonard Joel to forward the cash proceeds of the sale of their goods at auction to St Vincent de Paul Society who will issue a fully tax deductable cash receipt. St Vincent de Paul Society has undertaken that all of the funds raised will go to the victims. In other words, there will be no charity administration charges.

Warren Joel, the Chief Executive Officer of Leonard Joel is himself a victim of the fires. He said of his experience, ‘Last Sunday our family farm at Taggerty was partly destroyed by fires that ripped through the valley. The roads were cut off, we could not get out and no one could get in. A neighbour had a mobile water tank and pump and he helped my wife and daughters and I to protect ourselves and our buildings and horses. We survived. It was the most terrifying experience I have ever had.’

‘My family including my father and my grandfather has enjoyed the support of Victoria for nearly 100 years and now it is time for us to help Victoria. We hope to raise more than $100,000 through this appeal,’ Mr Joel added.

Sellers of fine art, collectables or jewellery who wish to donate the proceeds of the sale of their goods to the appeal can contact Warren Joel, CEO of Leonard Joel or Tim Goodman, Group Chairman C/- Celina Day, [email protected] or +61 (0) 3 9826 4333 during office hours.