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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Artfact Live! Recent Auction Results

Artfact’s staff highlights key sales from the more than 120 auctions hosted on Artfact Live! between April 30, 2009 – May 31, 2009. All sales and prices have been confirmed by Artfact’s auction house partners.

I.M. Chait, “Asian and International Fine Arts Auction” –May 3, 2009
Imperial-Style Silk Kesi Suit
Realized Price: $65,000
A Chinese embroidered silk kesi suit sold well over its pre auction estimate of $25,000 when the hammer came down at $65,000. The suit, which is comprised of a jacket, gilt brass circular protective plate and chaps with blue silk ties, mimics imperial parade armor and is embroidered with writing dragons, clouds and mountains. Bidding was intense as floor and internet bidder’s competed for the suit, but ultimately it was an Artfact Live! bidder who took home this remarkable piece.

Swann Auction Galleries, “Old Master Through Modern Prints” –April 30, 2009
Francisco José de Goya Los Caprichos
Realized Price: $33,600
A complete set of Goya’s famous Caprichos series sold to an Artfact Live! bidder for an impressive $33,600 (including buyers premium). Published in 1799, Goya’s series of 80 aquatints highlight the follies of 18th century Spanish society. The highly controversial nature of the series attracted the attention of the Spanish Inquisition and they were withdrawn from sale shortly after their initial publication. A 4th edition of the series, this group of superb impressions was among the top 10 selling lots in a sale which included works by Picasso, Mantenga and Rembrandt.

Auction Team Breker, “Office Antiques, Science & Technology, Toys & Tin Toys…” –May 16, 2009
Experimental Model Sholes, c. 1878
Realized Price: €9,508
Among one of the most sought after lots in the sale, this experimental Sholes typewriter sold to an Artfact Live! bidder for €9,508 (including buyers premium). The experimental typewriter, which has only 12 keys with doorknobs for key tops, was part of a group of items from the now defunct American Remington Typewriter Museum & L.C. Smith Corona Collection.

John Moran Auctioneers Inc., “Antique & Fine Furnishing Auction” –May 19, 2009
Continental stained pine figures Roman soldiers
Realized Price: $9,775
This pair of 19th/20th century neoclassical pine figures of Roman Soliders sold well above their pre-auction price estimate of $4,000-$6,000. The figures, which the catalog entry identifies as “probably Italian” stand atop octagonal pedestal bases decorated with military trophies. Bidding for the pair alternated between the floor and Artfact Live! However, it was ultimately it was an Artfact Live! bidder who beat out the floor with an impressive $9,775 bid (including buyers premium).

Stair Galleries, “American Indian Works of Art and A Fine Angling Library” –May 23, 2009
Sioux Woman’s Dress
Realized Price: $11,000
Selling for $11,000 on Artfact Live!, this Sioux Woman’s Dress with dentalium shells generated considerable interest from both online and floor bidders. The dress, which is cited in Pleasing The Spirits: A Catalogue Collection of American Indian Art (p. 198, pl. 189), exceeded it’s pre-auction price estimate of $2,000-$3,000 by more than $7,000 and was the fourth highest selling lot in the entire sale.

Other noteworthy sales on Artfact Live! during the last month include:

Dargate, “Three Day Auction” –May 1-3, 2009
Artfact Live! bidders placed over 6,000 absentee and live bids over the course of this three-day auction, which generated 617 online sales.

National Book Auctions, “Books, Ephemera, Stamps – Bartoli, Oz, etc.” –May 3, 2009
Artfact Live! generated 261 sales, totaling over 57% of the available lots.

The Matchbox Forum, “Purely Matchbox 6” – May 9, 2009
In this, their first sale with Artfact Live!, The Matchbox Forum sold 225 lots through Artfact Live!, accounting for 48% of the auction’s lots.

Note: Auction lot details and enlarged lot images available at with free registration.