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Van Ham to Auction Works by Established Photographers

On the occasion of the anniversary sale, VAN HAM Cologne presents numerous works of established photographers such as Werner Mantz, Albert Renger-Patzsch and August Sander as well as interesting contemporary photo art, such as Beate Gütschow with a fascinating nature depiction, Petra Wunderlich with an urban motif and furthermore Gudrun Kemsa and Thomas Struth.

Albert Renger-Patzsch
Albert Renger-Patzsch, “Buchenwald im November”. Arnsberger Wald 1936. Vintage. Gelatin silver print . Original passepartout. 16,7 x 22,7cm

Beate Gütschow’s landscapes impressively spread out in front of the beholder, though the title “LS#4” gives no idea about that. This work from 1999, published in the exhibition catalogue “Haus am Waldsee” (Berlin, DuMont publishing house, 2007), will be called at VAN HAM for € 10.000 (Lot 1039). Photo works by the artist are displayed from10.10.09 to 17.01.10 in the exhibition of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

By contrast, the motif of the work by Petra Wunderlich strikes a completely different tone. Today the former student of Bernd Becher is professor at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Luzern, lives in Düsseldorf and is specialised in urban black and white photography. The present work from 1998 shows the facade of a Baptist Church in Brooklyn (Lot 1146, estimate: € 3.000). An early series by Thomas Struth draws the attention to Leverkusen. The five photographs in total, originally planned to form a series, are estimated between € 5.000 and 7.000 (Lots 1132-1136).

Among the contemporary photo works is the stunning work by Gudrun Kemsa. The large-format C-Print “Garten” impresses not only with his rich and intensive green but also with its interesting estimate (Lot 1062, estimate: € 4.000). The vintage by Charles Paul Wilp shows the passport photos of Joseph Beuys (“Joseph Beuys von Ch. Wilp (Passfotos für Pass 1982)”) and was a long-term loan to the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf. It captivates with its large format (100 x 200 cm) and will be called for € 1.200 (Lot 1141).

As usual, the repertoire of VAN HAM comprises impressive works by Albert Renger-Patzsch. His works have regularly realized top prices at VAN HAM in the recent years. Amongst this year’s autumn offer is the vintage “Bäumchen” from 1929 (Lot 1092, estimate: € 10.000-12.000) as well as the atmospheric original print “Buchenwald im November” from 1936 (Lot 1093, estimate: € 3.000). Frther to that a number of impressive landscape and industry photographs completes the highly attractive offer. (Lots 1090-1101, estimates: € 1.000-2.200).

The renowned Cologne photographer August Sander is represented with several beautiful works (Lots 1109-1115, 1249, 1250). His gelatin silver print of Wilhelm Riphahn from the year 1932 is estimated € 5.000 (Lot 1110). Also noteworthy is the vintage “Wachskopf” by the Bauhaus photographer Werner Rohde from 1928 (Lot 1104, estimate: € 1.800).

A true rarity are the photographs “Stuttgart” taken by Cami Stone in 1929 (Lots 1129+1130, estimate: € 1.000-1.200). Cami and Sasha Stone were both represented with numerous photographs in the exhibition “Film und Foto” of 1929. There are only a very few photographs preserved documenting the exhibition arrangement. The present photographs by Cami Stone show rare views of the historic exhibition.

Moreover, international photographers are also represented. Margaret Bourke-White created the vintage “Beach Riders, Fort Funston, California” 1952 (Lot 1010, estimate: € 2.800). Phantastic motion studies by Harold E. Edgerton such as the C-Print “Splash of a Milk Drop an a Plate” and the unique vintage “Apple Sauce Machine” will be called (Lots 1023-1025, estimates: € 2.200-3.800). From the collection of David and Tessa Winter comes “Bratsk, Siberia” by Elliott Erwitt (Lot 1026, estimate: € 3.000), as well as “London” from 1953 by the French Henri Cartier-Bresson (Lot 1014, estimate: € 2.500).