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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bonhams Musical Instrument Auction in London

Rarely does a Musical Instrument Auction provide so much choice for the collector and the musician. There is hardly any part of any orchestra not represented in the Bonhams Auction on 15 December when some 400 lots will be offered.

Musical Instrument AuctionThe entertainment opportunities for Baroque –to- Rock melody, rhythm, ceremony and cacophony are variously represented by string, wind, reed and timpani, instruments all under one Festive Season roof!

Eight various and popular concertinas from English makers will provide music for the jigs, including a notable example by Charles Jeffries.

Something a little more contemplative will be provided by the collection of 78 rpm records listening to Fritz Kreisler playing Tambourin by Kreisler, to be enjoyed while sharpening up technical knowledge from the library including a 1931 First Edition of the Hill Guarneri book. A chance to dwell on the performances of a previous Maestro is provided by lot 18, posters and ephemera relating to Segovia performances in the Wigmore Hall in 1935.

Just in case it is all becoming a little too peaceful lot 21 the rare Weimar Bass Trumpet circa 1900 will enliven proceedings. This trumpet has seen much use by its previous owner resulting in accompanying enthusiastic letters from Henry Wood in the nineteen thirties, having been played in the Titanic memorial concert of 1912. Various additional Saxophones, Cornopeans, 1887 Jubilee Cornets, baritone Oboes, Flutes, Bassoons and Clarinets complete a notable wind section.

A chance to consider the lucky escape of all violinists is offered with lot 44, the 1900 interpretation of the 17thcentury original, a multitude of intersecting curves resembling a well baked pie, very tasty but would have exploded under a Paganini Caprice!

Some peaceful guitar music is available on a variety of antique and modern acoustics with examples from the Ramirez studio, London guitars by Panormo of the early nineteenth century and one by Hermanos Godvinez 1976 used in Covent Garden performances of Othello with Placido Domingo in the title role. A short trip to Woodstock or Glastonbury and you might have heard the late fifties Fender Stratocaster, cool at 8,000 – 12,000 pounds.

A rare collection of Baroque Violins will be offered, the property of a musician collector, some eight violins contemporary with Mozart with commensurate short necks and thin short bass bars, made and played with serenity before the dramas and excitement of the nineteenth century repertoire and technique. Each one is in Baroque playing condition and offered around 1,000 pounds each, a chance to equip a period orchestra not to be missed.

The noisy finale is provided with a little Pomp and Circumstance on the Birmingham Timpani by Windsor circa 1910 a well preserved pair veterans no doubt of many Nimrods and Enigmas.