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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

CQout Online Auction Celebrates Tenth Birthday

CQout, the International online market place and auction community, has announced it is celebrating its tenth year as one of the UK’s premier online auction sites.

To coincide with the company’s birthday, CQout has announced the details of a special offer which will award a free shop front worth £110 to the first 10 sellers who list more than 100 items on the CQout site.

Siamak Bashi, Managing Director of CQout, said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating our tenth birthday and even happier to be able to offer the first ten sellers on the CQout site that list 100 items a free shop front to coincide with our birthday celebrations. After the support our customers have given us over the years, it’s nice to be able to give something back to them”

CQout started 10 years ago, during a boom of online auction sites. Most of the big names, such as Yahoo, Virgin, Freeserve and QXL, all had an auction sites but, unlike its competitors, CQout, insisted on validating all users, buyers and sellers alike. This was the foundation stone of CQout site security from the beginning and still is today. The company’s aim was to create a secure environment in which buyers and sellers could trust that goods will be paid for and delivered and that frivolous bids would not be made. It also allowed CQout to identify “bad eggs” quickly and therefore effectively exclude them from future trading using the platform.

The building of a secure, trusted trading environment has meant CQout has not experienced the explosive growth seen by other auction sites but as history has now shown, the company did choose the right steady path to growth, as all the big names mentioned earlier are no longer operating auction sites in UK having found the business unsustainable, CQout continues to grow steadily and on a sound commercial basis. .

About CQout:
CQout is a UK-based, international auction company, with users in more than 57 countries around the world, conducting person-to-person and business to consumer auctions, at, and

CQout’s facilities enable buyers, once registered, to bid on a wide selection of merchandise in a selection of different auctions, including antiques online auction, jewellery online auction and music online auction.

PR Contact:
Tony Newton
CQout Ltd
PO Box 2815
United Kingdom
+44 8448 040 761

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