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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Han and Tang Dynasty Pottery, Carved Jades and Ivory for I.M. Chait Auction

I.M. Chait’s January 24th Asian & International Fine Arts Auction has something for everyone – collectors, decorators and art lovers. The marquee collection of Chinese ritual pottery, primarily from the Han and Tang Dynasties, is matched in desirability by a stellar collection of fine jewelry and a remarkable collection of ivory and jade carvings from the M. Douglas Estate.
At the top of the sale, Lot 186 is a pair of Tang Dynasty Sancai glazed figures on horseback. He wears amber robes that contrast to the green glaze of his mount and she is dressed in a dark hooded ensemble that blends with the deep tones of her horse. Clearly an upper class couple turned out for a long journey, they are portrayed at rest. The couple’s steeds have well-molded heads and fancy tied tails. The catalog puts the high estimate at $24,000 for the pair.
Equally as appealing, given their plump faces and smiles, are the large cook and merchant pair kneeling and wearing floral headdresses. (Lot 192) One holds a knife and gourmet delicacies while the other wields a single fish. This Han Dynasty Sichuan pottery pair are each 28-inches tall and have typically removable heads. The pair is expected to command a catalog high of $24,000.
At Lot 187, a large Tang Dynasty Bactrian camel vies for attention with an open mouth that exposes teeth and tongue. Standing fore-square, the 31-inch tall, double-humped Bactrian sports a long sinuous neck. It comes with an Oxford TL Test Certificate and carries a catalog high estimate of $10,000.
Other equestrian lots include Lot 141, a Female Rider in animated pose, possibly a polo player. It anchors the collection at around $2,000. For horse lovers, there are at least six more desirable equestrian lots.
Carved Jades, historically popular and currently appreciating, also make a strong appearance. At Lot 197, a massive Chinese Carved Jadeite Guanyin, slightly more than two-feet tall and carved of pale green and lavender jadeite, is expected to command $8,000.
Lot 243, a Celadon Jade, Egg-Shaped Boulder shelters an openwork Guanyin. The goddess of compassion is elaborately robed and has a smoking censer and attendant nearby. Of even coloration, the Boulder is estimate at a high of $8,000.
Meanwhile, Lot 245, a 23-inch tall Chinese Celadon Jade Pagoda Censer, combines strength and delicacy. Free hanging bells punctuate the rooflines of the tiers. A double-gourd finial embellished with chains surmounts the pagoda. High catalog estimate is $8,000.
I.M. Chait has recently set the standard for carved ivory items with several spectacular sales of carved ivory tusks. This current collection includes both Chinese and Japanese items.
For instance, Lot 199 is a carved Mammoth Fossil Tusk with an openwork design of sages, immortals and warriors. Animals, clouds and rockery surround the Buddha, which is set at the center. The verso carries a scrimmed scene of Lohans, Buddha’s disciples. The 49-inch long carved tusk bears a seal mark. It is expected to bring least $6,000.
Lot 200 is a magnificent Chinese ivory Temple Complex with surrounding pavilions and pagodas. Carved of a single Ivory Tusk, the articulation is so refined that one feels as though the City Gates might actually swing open to allow the miniature figures to pass. Almost three-feet long, the Temple Scene has a catalog high estimate of $6,500.
Among the Carved Ivory Okimono, many, including Lot 217, inspire unknown narratives. In this case, a group of Four Warriors is seemingly engaged in moving a large bell, but only two are actively involved. Two others appear ready to catch it, should the bell fall. The Four Warriors are expected to fetch $8,000, possibly more.
All told, there are 25 Okimono single figures and groups, ranging in estimate from $1,000 upward.
Among the European antiques are Lot 344, a Tiffany Favrile Glass Vase and Lots 344 – 348, assorted Galle Cameo-carved glass items. These carry moderate estimates of between $1,000 – $2,000.
The collection of fine jewelry will draw audible gasps from lovers of diamonds and colored stones. Lot 319, a ballerina style ring features a 10.25 carat, square cut emerald. Its skirt is formed of diamond baguettes, weighing approximately 3.75 carats. The ring is expected to fetch $10,000.
Lot 314, a diamond and emerald floral suite of necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring is a true value at the $9,000 catalog estimate.
Contrasting in simplicity and history is 310, an Antique Chinese Court Necklace, estimated at $8,000
I.M. Chait’s January 24 Asian and International Fine Arts Auction begins at 1:00 PST. The auction is also carried live on For more information, please visit or call 1-800-775-5020.