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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information Launched

A hole was found in the market for an online source for people to either sell or acquire anything relating to the aquatics hobby. is now being launched to full-fill the need.

Mr Andrew Nixon stated that “He wants this to be a complete one stop aquatics auction website that fulfils all the needs for hobbyists and internet retailers.”

Feedback from aquarists all over the UK say the new website will be a huge success as other online auctions are too general and lack the specifics of what the aquatics hobby need. Aquatic-Auctions will be under a constant review from the site staff to ensure it continues to match expectations and encourages all members to provide feedback and suggest any changes that they feel would benefit the site. All aspects are covered, from a single one-off auction; through too E-Commerce shops where everyone can either sell products via a standard auction, or sell at a fixed price. Their aim is to promote selling in a very cost effective manner, keeping all fees down to a minimum, ensuring maximum return goes back to the members who use the auctions.

Some of the features available on Aquatic-Auctions include:
· Various ranges of E-Commerce shops suitable for individuals or businesses
· Personalised profile pages

Make offers on auctions
Buy It Now
Wanted Adverts ( free of charge )
Bulk Auctions
Auction Watch
Item Watch

· Feedback Ratings

Feel welcome to visit the auction website for more information at or email [email protected] is part of the AztecWebDesign Group (