ZOOMWAREHOUSE Online Vehicle Auction

eFleetDirect has partnered with ZOOMWAREHOUSE, a new, dynamic online auction to sell fleet, off-lease and repossession vehicles. Unlike traditional physical and online auctions which represent both the buyer and seller, eFleetDirect in this venue is the seller and values a strong relationship with the buyers. Using ZOOMWAREHOUSE means there is no “middleman” and eFleetDirect has ultimate control of the sales process.

eFleetDirect recently expanded their operations to include remarketing programs for banks and other financial institutions. They found ZOOMWAREHOUSE to be a simple way to sell their inventory of fleet, lease and repossession units. These include not only cars, but occasionally motorcycles, recreational vehicles and other power sports units.

David Borshoff, VP of Business Operations and Development said, “We are offering a simple, friction free way for auto retailers to buy the inventory they need at very attractive price points. Currently, dealers can register for free and do not pay a “buy fee.” Dave continued, “In today’s tight market dealers need every available channel to find quality vehicles. ZOOMWAREHOUSE is one more source dealers can leverage.”

eFleetDirect controls the inspection process and provides one of the most detailed evaluations offered in the industry. Buyers can view details from the report, see if there are any flaws and view an average of 45 photographs per vehicle. This assures all buyers they are getting what they paid for at ZOOMWAREHOUSE. Additionally auto retailers are able to use the ZOOMWAREHOUSE website as a “virtual inventory showroom” and “sell a customer” before they actually acquire the vehicle.

All auction vehicles have a floor price where the bidding starts or dealers can select the “Buy It Now” option. This enables dealers to quickly acquire a vehicle they need for their inventory. If dealers need a specific vehicle, eFleetDirect also offers a concierge service. This allows dealers to locate vehicles which may exist in a fleet that is due to be turned in. Dealers can preview the inventory on ZOOMWAREHOUSE, but registration is required to place a bid or view pricing.