IpAuctions® to Market Predicant Biosciences and BioSpect Patents and Certain Perlegen Patents

IpAuctions, Inc. is selling the patents and patent applications developed by Predicant Biosciences, formerly called BioSpect, and certain intellectual property of Perlegen.

Predicant Biosciences, a California-based biotechnology company, developed technology and intellectual property to identify complex protein patterns in blood to detect and diagnose disease, methods to relate genotypes to phenotypes, and techniques to relate biomarkers to disease diagnoses. Currently, five issued U.S. patents are to be sold by auction plus 10 U.S. Patent Applications. In addition, some five WIPO applications have been filed.

Company Summary: Predicant Biosciences developed multiple technologies for the detection and diagnosis of disease. One patent application included in the auction describes the use of genotypes to predict phenotypes. Another patent application includes methods to analyze patient samples for biomarkers that predict the presence of cancer. Several issued patents and patent applications describe systems for the separation and detection of proteins consisting of microfluidic chips and mass spectrometers. There are specific inventions in microfluidic chip technology including designs that enable the creation of on-chip electrospray, cost-effectively. Finally, there are inventions for the evaluation, deconvolution, and analysis of mass spectrometer data traces. The Perlegen IP relates to correlation of phenotypic information, genotypic information, and phenotypes.

Predicant Biosciences bought Pathwork Informatics in 2006 and subsequently changed its name to Pathwork Diagnostics. The live online auctions will be held from February 22 through February 25 at noon PST. Complete sale information on each patent and application is provided with links to the US PTO are available online at www.ipauctions.com.

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