DigitalScirocco Unveils New Online Auction Marketplace for Digital Content

Today at DEMOspring2010 (, Seattle-based DigitalScirocco ( will unveil its online auction-based marketplace for digital content and services. Founder and CEO Bruce D’Ambrosio, will demo the DigitalScirocco online system during the DEMOfocus on Social and Media Technologies session beginning at 10:45 a.m.

“DigitalScirocco restores the original purpose of the Internet,” said D’Ambrosio. “As visitors we go to the Web for entertainment, information, communication, and commerce, but we find ourselves lost in a bewildering sea of undifferentiated, incomplete content and service offerings overwhelmed by advertising.”

DigitalScirocco brings fresh and relevant content and services to Web-based properties, whether destination sites, applications or Internet-enabled devices, by meeting consumers’ interests in real-time. Through DigitalScirocco, Web owners bid on, buy and present content, including text, video, audio, other media types and social media services, which meet the objectives of their offerings, whether it be information, entertainment, communication or utility, while optimizing individual visitor experience in real-time.

DigitalScirocco’s online auction-based marketplace for digital content and social media services capabilities include:

Discover: DigitalScirocco discovers and brings the most authoritative and innovative content and services on the Internet to Web owners and their site visitors.

Acquire: DigitalScirocco connects Web property owners and content providers through an efficient online auction-based marketplace that establishes the true value of paid content.

Integrate: Content and services found through DigitalScirocco are integrated seamlessly into Web owners’ properties through a single unified integration model.

Optimize: DigitalScirocco, in real-time, optimizes content and services presented to visitors at the exact moment of their site visit.

Content is currently available from hundreds of providers covering a broad number of subject areas and media types from news, finance, technology and travel.

New premium content partners announced today at DEMOspring2010 include:

Thomson Reuters (, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for business and professionals.
VentureBeat (, a provider of news about innovation for forward thinking executives, and the producer of DEMO.
BeDynamic (, a provider of Actionable Entertainment Content (AEC) for destination and travel companies.

In addition to the formal demonstration of DigitalScirocco on the DEMOspring2010 stage today at 11:14 a.m., conference-goers can learn more by visiting DigitalScirocco’s pavilion station (#42) or by emailing Frank Paterra, executive vice president of sales and marketing at: [email protected]

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About DigitalScirocco

DigitalScirocco is an auction-based marketplace bringing fresh and relevant content and services to Web-based properties. DigitalScirocco allows Web owners to bid on, buy and present content, including text, video, audio, other media and social services, meeting the objectives of their offerings, while optimizing individual visitor experience in real-time. For more information, visit