Williams & Williams Unveils Real Estate Auction Index

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate Auction (www.williamsauction.com), the premier brand in real estate auctions, today unveiled its market leading auction index which tracks actual results derived from the company’s monthly performance data. The combination of this tracking system and Williams & Williams’ proprietary pricing models, including their SFR™ (Single Family Residential) and CAPP™ (Commercial Real Estate) models, allow Williams & Williams to provide an advanced view of real estate market performance on a zip code, MSA, state and national level. The SFR model for example, pinpoints high bid performance on a portfolio basis within a +/- 2.5% accuracy, 30 days prior to auction.

Williams & Williams conducts live auctions in an average of 46 states every month providing an unparalleled collection of data reflective of real market trends in real time. Utilizing this timely data on a constant basis integrated with the company’s pricing models, helps Williams & Williams maintain a true competitive advantage.

“Through Williams Merchant Group, a wholly-owned capital market subsidiary of Williams & Williams, we have the power to underwrite bulk pools or contractual flows of REO assets and exercise a multi-pronged disposition strategy to optimize value with a focus on liquidity, stewardship and return on investment,” said Fontana Fitzwilson, Senior Vice President for WMG. “The Williams & Williams Auction Index allows us to track accurate views of the marketplace 30 to 90 days ahead of both major market real estate indices and our own auctions. This gives us a unique and actionable view into market performance.”

The Williams & Williams Auction Index™ is available to partners and clients to effectively manage the anticipated equity gain or loss of their real estate. Williams & Williams’ time-definite market intelligence is at the core of the value proposition offered to clients and is an integral component of the collateral risk management service offerings of WMG.

As a worldwide auction company, Williams & Williams customizes marketing strategies and crafts them to deliver maximum market value for every property sold. Williams & Williams’ expertly managed interactive multi-platform live auction events feature global real time bidding between qualified buyers—in person, online and via phone providing a broader reach and convenience for bidders. The company can also leverage relationships with exclusive partners like Auction Network™, to further heighten the competitive bidding process. With best-in-class auction platforms, sophisticated market segmentation and global marketing expertise, Williams & Williams has one of the best trade execution and closing rates in the industry.

About Williams & Williams:

Williams & Williams is a real estate auction leader and collateral risk management company. With a licensed and operating footprint in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, the company has a proven performance record for all types of real estate sales including residential, commercial, farms and ranches, and luxury estates. Leveraging its multi-platform global exchange; proprietary pricing models; and a full service solution to manage, preserve, market, and auction real estate, Williams & Williams is the industry’s benchmark for creating liquidity in the marketplace and delivering timely market value. The company’s clients include many of the world’s foremost financial institutions, Fortune 500 Corporations, and local, state and Federal government agencies, as well as thousands of individual sellers. (www.williamsauction.com)