MEZZI Website Launches Live Auction

Leading briefcase manufacturer MEZZI has launched an auction system on its Website, allowing consumers to purchase its reasonably-priced products for significantly less than the company’s regular retail pricing.

Shoppers can capitalize on the live product auctions on to place bids on various aluminum cases just as they do at eBay or other similar auction sites. The new auction system makes the company’s high-quality aluminum briefcases and laptop cases more affordable to consumers who otherwise may not be able to buy these products. It also makes MEZZI’s Website more interactive and exciting for visitors.

“Auctions bring a level of excitement as people compete with each other to secure the best deals,” said President David Mezzi. “As the timer ticks down, the highest bidder’s heart starts racing, hoping that nobody tries to outbid him or her at the last moment.”

The live auctions at present an unprecedented opportunity for consumers. According to Mezzi, there are no other luggage or briefcase manufacturers/retailers known to offer auctions directly through their Website. Normally, people would have to go through a site like eBay to purchase a briefcase via an auction. However, consumers can never be certain that sellers on other auction sites are offering legitimate name-brand products.

MEZZI offers a reliable alternative. “On, we are both the manufacturer and retailer of our products,” Mezzi said. “So you can be sure that you will receive quality MEZZI cases and not knock-offs. Since our prices are already lower than most of our competitors, this really gives us an edge over the competition.”

Through the online auction system, MEZZI will sell cases from all of its major product categories. The company sells a wide array of aluminum briefcases including: metal laptop cases, metal gun cases, metal art portfolio cases, metal travel cases, metal makeup cases, business card cases, CD storage cases, memory card cases and tool cases. MEZZI has been designing and manufacturing premium aluminum cases for more than 15 years. During that time, its product line has expanded from just a few cases to the full menu of cases that it carries today. “We make great products that people can actually afford,” Mezzi said.

MEZZI’s extensive product line is available in a variety of designs, styles and sizes. Its uniquely fashionable cases have been showcased on hit movies, popular TV shows and the latest music videos. For example, MEZZI’s WOODline briefcase was sported by actor Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III and its Slim Mold aluminum briefcase provides a vital focal point on NBC’s hit show Deal or No Deal.

For information about MEZZI’s live auction or affordable, high-quality products, visit or contact David Mezzi at (604) 323-0480.

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