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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Silver Owls for Richard Winterton Lichfield Auction


Silver and precious metals are having a boom. Prices for hallmarked silver particularly have increased dramatically over the last few weeks and are currently at over £20 an ounce. The world can’t get enough of silver and this is reflected in record prices being achieved at auction.

However, it is not always a case of weighing your silver and doing the sums to work out the value, sometimes a piece will turn up that has a special value way above the market scrap value.

This point is illustrated with the solid silver Victorian pepperette illustrated. Formed as an owl with realistically engraved plumage, the head contain the holes to disperse the pepper and pulls off to enable the vessel to be re-filled. Striking glass eyes dazzle in the candlelight. Made by George John Roberts and hallmarked for London 1851, such novelties were at the height of popularity with well-off Victorians. The lure of novelty silver objects lives on today, with collectors and investors willing to pay high prices to acquire such desirable objects. Although weighing a modest 51g, it is expected to fetch upwards of £400 when offered in Richard Winterton’s Silver & Fine Art Auction on 2nd June.

Also shown is a similar but more portly owl in for the form of a condiment pot. Also dating from the nineteenth century, this example is plated but has the added bonus of a spoon with rodent finial that fits nicely into the owl’s beak. Discovered on a routine valuation day at The Lichfield Auction Centre from the same source, (a Derbyshire client) it is expected to fetch over £150.

To coincide with the current silver and precious metal boom, a series of special silver/gold valuation days are being held at the Lichfield Auction centre on Tuesdays from 10am to 4pm throughout April & May. Contact Richard Winterton Auctioneers for further details on 01543 251081 or email [email protected]

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