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Richard Winterton to auction eighteenth century solid silver coffee pot on 9 May

This elegant eighteenth century solid silver coffee pot has recently turned up on a valuation event at Richard Winterton Auctioneers in Lichfield.

solid silver coffee potStruck with hallmarks for London 1742 puts it in the reign of George II. Georgian silver is celebrated for its restrained elegant proportions with subtle attention to detail. Where Victorian silver is known for its ostentation – scrollwork, chasing, decoration etc, eighteenth century wares are often unadorned and free from unnecessary embellishment as exemplified in the coffee pot illustrated. The only decoration is the subtle classical acanthus leaf detailing in relief to the spout and handle bracket. Many pieces of Georgian silver were later ‘clobbered’ or decorated by the Victorians to suit their taste but luckily this appears to have escaped such vandalism.

London was the hub of the best silversmiths in the Georgian era and this piece bears the stuck monogram mark ‘J.S’ which is thought to be that of John Swift who was working from the 1730’s up until the 1760’s. Made from heavy gauge silver it weighs approximately 1000g all in and measures 27cm in height.

Such pieces rarely make an appearance at auction these days hence experts at the Auctioneers predict it should fetch £1,000-1,500 when offered in a specialist Silver and Fine Arts Sale on 9th May.

It just goes to show that silver can be worth more than its weight in precious metal and that certain objects have added value thanks to either being made by a renowned maker or has a particular decorative appeal such as Arts and Crafts and Art Deco silver wares.

To celebrate this find a series of special silver discovery valuation days are being held for clients wishing to sell their silver. Please contact Richard Winterton Auctioneers for further details on 01543 251081.

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