Unique Art Auction by Young Artists with Disabilities Raises $140,000

The Sunny View Youth Involvement Association raised $140,000 through a unique fundraiser – an art auction at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital that featured the art of kids with disabilities, some unable to speak and with limited mobility.

The funds raised during the Able Artists Auction will support the Expressive Arts Program and the new innovative Infinity Communication Access Lab at Sunny View Public School, in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Seven pieces were auctioned live, raising an astonishing $70,500. The first piece ‘Dripping Rain’ created by two 11-year-old boys using the adapted paint squirter went for $25,000. The other highlight of the event was the silent auction sale of ‘Big Mess’ by a 14-year-old able artist. The piece went for $20,000.

“Our goal is to raise $440,000 so that our children can make themselves understood, to express their need and wants regardless of their inability to speak,” said Christopher Hopper, the Chair of the Sunny View Youth Involvement Association. “Before the Able Artist Auction, we were half way to our goal and with the generous and enthusiastic support of the bidders we are now much closer.”

The Able Artists Auction, showcased 57 pieces of art created by 42 young artists from Sunny View Public School ranging from five to 15 years old. Former Olympic alpine skier, Karen Stemmle, led the exciting live auction, which also featured sponsoring artist Charles Pachter’s piece ‘Bay Watch 2010’. The stunning piece by the iconic Canadian artist went for $24,000 through a reserved bid.

The Able Artist Project is an initiative created by Brianne Rutter who is the Expressive Arts teacher at Sunny View Public School. The program fosters the artistic talent of children with disabilities by adapting tools and techniques so children can create art independently or with limited assistance from others. Through these activities, children with disabilities learn to express themselves in different ways while at the same time working towards individual communication and physical goals.

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