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Sotheby’s Milan to Auction Modern and Contemporary Art From a Private Collection

Sotheby’s announces Identità Italiana – another section of the same fulfil Private Collection recently successfully presented in London in October which registered many records, such as a 1957 Combustione by Alberto Burri Alberto Burri, sold at €3.627.467.

Giorgio Morandi, Natura morta. Oil on canvas, 30 x 45 cm. Eseguito nel 1949. Estimate: € 500.000-700.000. Photo: Sotheby’s.

This nucleus for sale in Milan, is composed by nearly 60 lots and contains many ground-breaking works by early 20th Century Italian Masters like Giacomo Balla Giacomo Balla and Arturo Martini Arturo Martini which lead into Modern masterpieces by Giorgio de Chirico Giorgio de Chirico, Massimo Massimo Campigli Campigli and Mario Sironi Mario Sironi.

The Futurist identity is intensively represented by Canto patriottico by Giacomo Balla Giacomo Balla (est. €300.000-400.000), a vibrant canvas combining the iconic colours of the Italian flag with a study of shape lirically recalling the protests and marches that convulsed Italy in 1915.

The work of Alberto Savinio Alberto Savinio is represented by two exceptional paintings, l’Ile coralline (est. €120.000-150.000) and La Mère et l’enfant (est. €250.000-350.000), both executed in 1928, the year when the artist arrived in Paris at the invitation of his brother Giorgio De Chirico. The scenography interest of the painter is inspired also by the Surrealism movement with which Savinio gets in touch through Breton and Cocteau. These theatrical scenes testify the vivid imaginary of the painter-philosophe strictly related to the magic of music and theatre.

Pictor classicus: Giorgio de Chirico Giorgio de Chirico author of Gli addi del poeta executed in 1924 (est. €150.000-200.000) on the eve of his second departure to Paris at the end of that year. This painting is part of the so called ‘romantic period’ of de Chirico (1922-1924) and the fascination for Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin is evident in the contrast between the single human figure and the rest of the painting, a sort of representation of the idyllic union of art and nature, described by the lonely poet and the majestic tree.

Two terracotta by Arturo Martini Arturo Martini: Nubifragio dated 1933-34, already showed at Palazzo Reale (Milan) in 1985 (est. €100.000-150.000) and the sinuous 1928 Odalisca (est. €120.000-180.000). Is also of the 30s the big canvas of Campigli Campigli La Loi d’atavisme (Gènealogie) (est. €120.000-180.000).

Besides other important works by Renato Birolli Renato Birolli Cercando il blu del mare, 1955 (est. €60.000-80.000), Felice Casorati Felice Casorati and a splendid Personaggio by Osvaldo Licini Osvaldo Licini dated 1945 (est. €130.000-180.000), typical figure of the imaginary of the author that combines abstract and ironic narrative, the catalogue moves also forward to more contemporary works as Luigi Ontani Luigi Ontani, Gasto Gastone Novelli and Domenico Gnoli Domenico Gnoli.

For sure each piece of this important Collection was selected with careful and inspired eye; this sale reveals, once again, a wide and solid connoisseurship of early 20th Century Italian Art.

With a wide selection of paintings including an early still life by Gino Severini Gino Severini, a large Concetto Spaziale by Lucio Fontana Lucio Fontana and a significant Natura morta by Giorgio Giorgio Morandi Morandi, this autumn Modern and Contemporary Art sale in Milan shows the enduring appeal of 20th Century Italian art. The catalogue ranges from the early avant-garde to the most recent post-war movements of Spatialism, CoBrA and Arte Povera.

Linea di velocità+spazio, signed Futurballa and Pugno di Boccioni is the futuristic charcoal on paper by Balla,, realized in 1913, and it is part of a group of wo ,, rks dedicated to the abstract speed lines and to the dynamism (est. €280.000-350.000). This piece was exhibited at Palazzo Reale in Milan and at MoMA in NY.

Between 1916 and 1919 Gino Severini Gino Severini moves his interest from dance movement to the still life composition. In Hommage à Flaubert dated 1916 the artist artfully synthetize shapes and forms through the junctions of surfaces and coloured levels with pictorial effects similar to trompe l’oeil. Severini’s concentration moves beyond the subject itself in search of the allusion of an abstraction not ever radical, using fragments of reality joint together in still rhythmical references (est. €300.000-400.000).

The Natura Morta by Morandi Morandi executed in 1949, showed in London at the TATE Modern in 2001, leads us to the deep and inspired production of the lonely artist immediately after the Second World War. The careful arrangement of six different forms and shapes, wisely organised and put in relation one another. It is a perfect balance between colours -blues, oranges, whites and roses – and shapes –stripes, oval- in search of an orchestrated composition so authentically proper to Morandi (est. €500.000-700.000).

Le Muse Inquietanti by De Chirico De Chirico dated 1962 (est. €500.000-700.000), is published on his Catalogue Raissonné and comes from the Bussola Gallery. The first version of this work is from 1917, the second one was created in 1924 on Paul Eluard’s request, it was for this reason that the artist used the same subject more than once. The version for sale is related to the Neo-Metaphisic period of the painter.

Lucio Fontana is represented with a rich core of ceramics, lot of them come from the Fondazione Lucio Fontana, and they will be sale for the benefit of the General Catalogue of the Works on Paper. From a Private Collection and commissioned directly to the Fontana Cappa per Caminetto (hood fire) – in a gorgeous baroque style – a ceramic piece dated 1949 (est. €150.000-250.000).

Furthermore Fontana is represented not only with a large water paint on canvas dated 1960, Concetto Spaziale-Attese (est. €400.000-600.000) marked by six harmonious slashes, but also with bronzes, oils on canvas, and a Teatrino dated 1966 (est. €280.000-350.000), offering to collectors a variegated survey of his multiform production.

Among Informal works, the beautiful grid Simple Ton by Dorazio Dorazio executed in 1962 (est. €80.000-100.000), and Tensione by Santomaso Santomaso dated 1958 coming from an important American collector Dodie Rosekrans (est. €120.000-180.000), and a 1954 Tancredi Tancredi’s painting Senza Titolo (est. €120.000-150.000).

A large number of international artists are in the catalogue: Arman Arman, Mathieu Mathieu etc. and some works by the CoBra CoBra group (operating between Copenaghen, Bruxelles and Amsterdam from 1948 to 1951), from a Milan Private Collection.

One meter per one meter is the perfect dimension of the Arazzo by Boetti Boetti dated 1984- from a Venetian Private Collection – (est. €160.000-180.000).

Recalling the World Record for Penone Penone, realized in London on the 13th October 2011 ( £265.250), in this catalogue for sale 128 unghiate dated 1989, coming from the Durand Dessert Collection and it was exhibited in 1993 and 1996 in Belgium (est. €60.000-80.000).

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