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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

China Guardian Auctions Co Announces Annual Autumn Auction for November 12 16

China Guardian Auctions Co, Ltd., presents its eighteenth annual Autumn Auction, a series of sales held in Beijing from November 12-16, 2011. Featuring over 4,500 lots of Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Porcelain, furniture, works of art, oil paintings, sculpture, rare books, watches and jewelry. The most anticipated items for sale include Qi Baishi’s Landscape, which set an auction record for highest sale at China Guardian’s 1994 Autumn Auction; Wu Bin’s Stream Under Lofty Peaks; and Royal furniture dating back to the Ming Dynasty.

“This year’s autumn auction, represents one of our largest auctions of classic furniture, specifically with many items from the Royal collection,” comments Ms. Wang Yannan, Director and President of China Guardian. “The sale will feature a wide range of high quality works, further solidifying China Guardian’s auction leadership position in the auction market in China.” For China Guardian, Chinese traditional art works, including Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, furniture and other, represents over seventy percent of its auction revenue.

The sale will commence with Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Porcelain, Furniture and Works of Art, Oil Painting and Sculpture,Rare Books, Important Watches, Jewelry and Jadeite on November 12-16, and be followed by the auction of Stamps, Coins, Silver Sycees, Banknotes and Bronze Mirrors on November 17-22, with preview days on November 8-11 and November 15-16, respectively.

One of the most highly sought-after works from this auction will be Qi Baishi’s renowned Landscape, 1931, a prominent piece which previously sold at the China Guardian 17 years ago for RMB 5,170,000 (814,200USD). The work is an album of twelve leaves made from ink on paper, with subjects largely derived from the artist’s impression of excursions and memories of his hometown, XiangTan of Hunan Province. It includes eight paintings with autographed titles, namely, Morning Sun, Ox Herding, Misty Sails in Green Seas, Yangxian Landscape, At the Time of Bright Moon and Sleepy Men, After the Rain, Lingering Snow on the Barren Hills and Autumn on Willow Shore. According to the subject matter, the four untitled paintings can be named Jackdaw on the Ancient Tree, Fishes in the Lotus Pond, Fish Hawk on the River and Household on the Mountain.

Also featured in the sale is Wu Bin’s Stream Under Lofty Peaks, a hanging scroll dating back to the Ming Dynasty. This landscape painting depicts a vivid version of sky-scraping peaks, which boasts the imposing and precipitous style of artwork during the Northern Song Dynasty, and qualifies this as a rare masterpiece by the artist. The work has an estimate sale price of RMB 9,000,000-25,000,000 (1,417,200-4,000,000USD).

A highlight of the furniture sales will be a pair of large compound cabinets from the late Ming/early Qing period, available at an estimated price of RMB 26,000,000-30,000,000 (4,100,000-4,724,000USD). Made of masterfully patterned indigenous Huanghuali wood, the furniture features additional rare components, such as the antique copper Ming Dynasty décor and hardware.

Additional items to be auctioned include an extremely rare celadon-glazed vase from the Qing Dynasty and a Zitan throne chair with lotus and longevity decoration from the Qianlong period used exclusively by the Royal family.

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