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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Heritage Auctions Orlando FUN currency event totals $8.4+ Million

The finest of three known $20 Nevada Red Seal notes, a $20 1902 Red Seal Fr. 641 The Nixon NB Ch. # (P)8424, by far the greatest note to emerge from The Platte River Cash Hoard, brought $66,125 as the top note in Heritage Auctions Jan. 5-10 Signature® Orlando FUN Currency Auction, which realized an impressive $8.4+ million total. All prices include 15% Buyer’s Premium.

“The Platte River Hoard is without a doubt a great currency find,” said Allen Mincho, Director of Currency Auctions at Heritage, “and this $20 Red Seal is easily the best of that significant bunch and a reminder that significant rarities are still awaiting discovery even a century after their issue. A mere 14 Red Seals have been reported from all the banks in Nevada combined, and – obviously – collectors put a premium on them.”

The Currency section of the FUN auction saw more than 3,340 bidders vying for 3,717 lots – translating into a 94.5% sell-through rate by value. The US Coins section realized approximately $64 million, with a 93.7% sell-through by value. World Coins brought in another $10.7 million at the New York International Convention, lifting Heritage’s New Year’s Week’s total to well above $75 million.

A very attractive Binion $10000, a Fr. 2231-B $10000 1934 Federal Reserve Note, PCGS Apparent Choice About New 55 – one of 100 $10,000 notes that appeared in the Binion’s Hotel $1 Million display in Las Vegas’s classic Glitter Gulch area – proved very popular with collectors on its way to realizing $63,250.

A $1,000,000 U.S. Treasury Bond of 1963, PCGS New 61, the second bond issued to the First National Bank of Boston that was repatriated from Cuba represented a significant piece of U.S. numismatic history, as well as of 20th century political history, as it realized $54,625. A rare and lovely Winston, NC $10 1882 Brown Back, Fr. 490, from The Wachovia NB Ch. # 2425 was the subject of collector interest to the tune of $48,875, while a Serial Number A999999A to A000001B unique rollover pair of $5 bills – New York, NY – $5 1929 Ty. 1 The Chase NB Ch. # 2370 – realized $44,563.

Further highlights include, but are not limited to:

• $1,000,000 U.S. Treasury Bond of 1963 PCGS Choice About New 55: Issued on December 15, 1954 to the First National Bank of Boston, one of the bonds issued in 1954 to keep U.S. assets out of Castro’s hands. Realized: $43,125.

• Serial Number N99999999A to N100000000A Rollover Pair, Four Consecutive Fr. 236 $1 1899 Mule Silver Certificates PMG Choice About Unc 58 EPQ, Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ, and (2) Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ: Realized: $40,250.

• Guirot Endorsed Montgomery $1000 T1 1861 PF-1 Cr. 1: From The Honorable William H. Kelly Collection. Realized: $37,375.

• Fr. 1219e $1000 1907 Gold Certificate PCGS Very Fine 30: Realized: $35,938.

• Unique Santa Claus Note with this design and overprint, New York, NY- Saint Nicholas Bank $5 Feb. 24, 1864 G8c: From The Roger H. Durand Santa Claus Notes Collection.Realized: $34,500.

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