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BOULDER COUNTY, CO – In a collecting category as highly-specialized as antiquities, the most valuable asset an auction house can possess is not a 2,500-year-old Egyptian statue or a rare Pre-Columbian artifact – its integrity and reputation. And on May 12, 2012,, a fully-owned subsidiary of Artemis Gallery Ancient Art, will offer 250+ lots of Antiquities from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Italy, the Near East, the Far East, as well as Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art from the Ancient Americas (Mexico, Central and South America) and Africa. This 1-day online-only live auction will be hosted on the bidding platform. Bidders can choose to bid live on the day of the sale or leave absentee bids anytime up until the day before the sale.

Greek Bronze Helmet

“All items offered for sale in this auction have been legally acquired and are legal to sell, and are guaranteed authentic/as described. We believe an antiquity will find its correct price in the market almost every time if it is offered with the assurance that it is authentic, legal to purchase and meets the timeline qualifications for UNESCO and various national treaties,” said Teresa Dodge, Managing Director.

The first part of Antiquities-Saleroom’s May 12th auction is devoted to the more classical side of antiquities and includes a nice mix of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Luristan and Chinese objects. Among the highlights offered for sale are a An Important Old Kingdom Limestone Relief, ex-William Jamieson, A Greek Bronze Helmet of Illyrian Type (Archaic Period, ca. 600 to 550 B.C.), A Greek Apulian Red-Figure Rhyton – Laconian Dog, A Fabulous Canosan Pottery Horse and a nice collection of Ghandaran Schist pieces. Additionally, there are offerings of Greek Attic pottery from Athens’ Classic Era (525-450 B.C.), as well as a several desirable Chinese pottery examples from the Han, Tang and Ming Dynasties.

Egyptian bronzes, including An Egyptian Bronze Apis Bull and An Egyptian Bronze Head of an Ibis, will be auctioned, and excellent examples of Egyptian faience will be available. Several Ushabtis and two amazing ancient Egyptian blue faience jewelry will be offered, including An Important Egyptian Faience Amulet Gold Necklace comprised of 12 ancient Egyptian amulets including 11 matched Amarna Period (18th Dynasty, ca 1549 to 1292 BC) amulets of Isis, each with an ancient carnelian bead, and large central pendant of the “holy triad” including Nephys, Isis and Horus.

The second part of the Antiquities-Saleroom’s live auction features a wide variety of authentic Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art. The selection of art from the ancient Americas includes ceramics from West Mexico, the Mayan territories and most of the major cultures of Peru, Costa Rica and Panama; plus many examples in stone and metalwork, including effigies made of gold. Some of the Pre-Columbian highlights include A Pre-Columbian Colima Pottery Dog, ex-Sotheby’s, A Taino Stone Ceremonial Yoke; several beautifully carved Mayan pottery cylinders, stonework, gold and tumbaga, and ceramic figurines. There is also A Superb Pre-Columbian Moche Stirrup Vessel, ca. 300 AD, depicting a village elder with incredible scarification on his face.

In the Tribal Art section, there is a nice selection of authentic ceremonial pieces including An African Ewe Magical Figure, Ghana, A Handsome African Wood Carved Pende Mask and An African Dogon Wood Tellem Figure.

The catalog for Antiquities-Saleroom’s May 12, 2012 live auction can be viewed online by visiting the company’s website

For questions on any item in the sale, call Teresa Dodge, Managing Director, at 720-890-7700 or e-mail [email protected].