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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


P. Warren, Writer, for Online Sales Auction House

Minneapolis, MN. – Twin Cities auction house ONLINE SALES announces their upcoming auction of vintage rock memorabilia, capped off by two rare, ELVIS posters that are expected to bid well into the thousands! Think “American Pickers,” “Rock and Roll,” and add a dash of “dreams really do come true” and you’ll be set for this auction.

Recently added, is a collection of vintage rock posters that may have been missed — if not for a quick encounter between auction house owner Paul “Pash” Pashibin, and a delivery woman.

“I had been on an all-day excursion,” Pash relates. “I was browsing through my last stop, in the basement of an antique shop, with a handful of old one-sheets. These are old movie posters that are machine folded, and stamped on the back with a number. The number is commonly mistaken by novice collectors as a limited edition, numbered poster. The poster numbering scheme actually works like this: The first two numbers are the year that the movie came out, and the second set of numbers is the number of movies published by that studio that year. So a poster with 69/112 would be the 112th movie published by that studio, in the year 1969. I had a few of these older one-sheets in my arms. I was unhappy with my findings that day, and I was crouched down looking through the last boxes, getting ready to leave. Just then a delivery woman came into this back room. She had a dolly loaded with boxes of books. She needed to get past me so she could drop the books in their receiving area. I really had no room, so I contorted my body so she could get past.”

And that’s when my eyes lit up. By moving to let the delivery go by, there were a set of tubes sticking out of an older book shelf – poster tubes, deeply tucked away. From Family Dog, to Easy Rider, to Jefferson Airplane and Zappa, I uncovered an amazing treasure. About 60 posters in all.

Pash and ONLINE SALES bring MANY of these uncovered posters to auction this July 24th. The majority are in mint condition, as perfect as the day they were silkscreened.

Included in the auction are many Pandora Productions hippy / psychedelic posters from the 1960’s, including LOVE IS A FLOWER. These posters defined the age of Aquarius and the Summer of Love, and are in amazing condition for being 46 years old.

Many other rare and vintage posters and ephemera including movie posters for musicals, original 1977 Star Wars memorabilia, and M.C. Escher prints will go on the block. The auction is topped of by two very rare and unique items. Two large Elvis posters, which are enlargements of the holographic covers of the TV Guide limited edition Elvis covers. In amazing condition – and this rare opportunity to own rock and roll history is available to the top bidder.

You can find out more about Pash and his collection, during his next auction, on July 13th, 2013 at 11AM CST. Check out the treasures at: