Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Utilizes Groundbreaking Technology for Auctions

In March of 2015, HDH rolled out a revolutionary new bidding platform for absentee and live bidding. This industry-leading technology has been an integral part of every auction since and has greatly improved the bidding experience.

Hart Davis Hart Wine appHundreds of clients have downloaded the app and many more have participated online, increasing our business dramatically. No other auction house in the world is using this interactive and user-friendly technology. The platform—which is available online and on mobile devices—enables users to not only bid prior to the auction but also online throughout the sale.

Absentee bidders will find that the new platform emphasizes easy functionality for bidding. Users can effortlessly search by producer, lot number, vintage, price, or category and find detailed information on each lot. Once placed, a bid can be adjusted at any time up until the lot is opened. You can also quickly and easily submit “either/or” bids online—a function that no other wine auction house currently offers.

Once the sale begins, users can track their bids and view the progress of the sale in real time. Selecting “my bid sheet” shows all the bids you have placed, which lots you have won and the corresponding hammer prices. When a lot you’ve bid on in advance of the auction opens for live bidding, the system will display your bidding status. If you have the highest bid when a lot opens, you will be able to see that you are winning; if you are outbid, the system will then allow you to raise your bid. If you haven’t placed any absentee bids, you can jump in at any time once the lot is open—just as though you were sitting in the auction room in Chicago. Mobile bidding allows for ultimate flexibility—participants in the auction are no longer tied to the phone or computer; they can bid on the go with the swipe to bid function.

As we begin our fall season, Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is not only the #1 wine auction house in the U.S., but also the leader for auction technology, with a bidding platform that is more sophisticated than anything our competitors are currently offering. We are thrilled to be able to provide this fantastic new technology to our clients as a part of our commitment to superior service.

• Bid live from your mobile device
• Easily track live and absentee bids—view the sale in real time and see lots you’ve won at a glance.
• View live streaming video and/or listen to audio of the auction in progress
• Adjust absentee bids at any time before the lot opens for sale. Once the lot is open, you can continue to bid if you are outbid.
• Place “either/or” bids online

Auction Calendar
September 18 & 19, 2015
October 30 & 31, 2015
December 12, 2015

Bidding Information
Auction catalogs are available through the website or by calling Hart Davis Hart (hdhwine.com; 312.482.9996). The expanded website allows bidders to view and search the auction catalog and place absentee bids online.

While bidders are encouraged to attend the auction in person, Hart Davis Hart’s state-of-the-art technology allows bidders worldwide to participate in the Chicago-based live auctions via the Internet. Both absentee bidding and live bidding can be executed online at auction.hdhwine.com or via the mobile app. On the day of the sale, bidders can follow the auction in the salesroom, watch a video feed of the auction, and bid against the room, all in real-time. For more information, contact Hart Davis Hart at 312.482.9996 or go to auction.hdhwine.com. Hart Davis Hart also welcomes bids by phone and fax.