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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


Also sold will be exquisite dresses owned and worn by Princess Diana and Whitney Houston.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Movie props and costumes from the current smash films Don’t Breathe, Blair Witch and Deadpool, dresses owned and worn by Princess Diana and Whitney Houston, and marquettes (pre-production study models) for Freddy vs. Jason and Gremlins 2 are just a few of the more than 700 lots up for bid in Premiere Props’ Hollywood Auction Extravaganza XLIII.

Actual screen-worn pink and silver detailed jacket from the 1968 movie Funny Girl, starring Barbra Streisand
Actual screen-worn pink and silver detailed jacket from the 1968 movie Funny Girl, starring Barbra Streisand
The auction will get underway promptly at 11 am Pacific Coast time on Saturday, October 15th in Premiere Props’ gallery, located at 128 Sierra Street in El Segundo (zip: 90255). Worldwide online bidding will be available through the Premiere Props website ( as well as the online bidding platforms, and

“It’s extraordinary that props and costumes from movies still in theaters should already be available to the buying public, and we’re fortunate to have landed some great horror genre items so close to Halloween,” said Dan Levin of Premiere Props. “We’ve even got a signature black dress from Elvira, the Mistress of the Night.” As in past auctions held around this time of year, Premiere Props is partnering with Fangoria Magazine, a publication for fans of horror movies.

Eager bidders will be vying for a complete costume worn on-screen by Stephen Lang, the actor who plays the blind man in the blockbuster film Don’t Breathe. The outfit includes an Outback Trading Company jacket, Cottonfeld pants and Wolverine boots. Also sold will be the silver and black rubber handgun and thin metal folding white cane walking stick Lang uses in the movie.

From another huge hit film of 2016, Deadpool, offered will be actor Ryan Reynolds’ screen-used sword, seen in the opening sequences of the movie and consisting of a sword with foam handled knife on one end; plus the bloody white long-sleeved sweater with hood worn by Reynolds; and a tank-top shirt worn by Reynolds. All were acquired directly from the production of the movie.

The exquisite full-length beaded dress custom-made for Princess Diana by American icon Andre Van Pier comes complete with provenance, including a letter from Van Pier, whose first client was former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The Lady Di dress is adorned with colors of blue, pink and white, with custom beads throughout. It’s an historical artifact, in very good condition.

Whitney Houston’s owned and worn cream silk dress with elaborate bold beading is originally from the late singer’s bankruptcy auction. Another garment sure to attract attention is a screen-worn pink and silver detailed jacket from the 1968 movie Funny Girl, starring Barbra Streisand. The very elaborate jacket comes with a United Costumes tag and a studio tag that reads “Cooke.”

The paint test marquette created by the legendary make-up artist Dave Miller for the 2003 chiller Freddy vs. Jason was used during production to create the coloring of the make-up to apply to the face of Robert Englund (who played Freddy Kreuger). It measures 21 inches by 16 ½ inches.

Direct from the award-winning studio of make-up effects artist Rick Baker is the study marquette used for the feature film Gremlins 2. Baker, along with Chris Walas, designed and created the infamous Gremlins creatures and the study marquette being sold was used as a reference point.

Memorabilia associated with the legendary Rat Pack – led by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. – is always a hit with collectors, and this auction has Steve Allen’s rare and personally owned Rat Pack pin. The detailed gold pin is in the shape of a rat, with stone red eyes. It is engraved “Steve Allen” on the front and was likely gifted to Allen by a Rat Pack member.

Returning to horror, sold will be a post-production screenplay from the classic 1980 film The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson, autographed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick and The Shining author Stephen King. Also offered will be the Alternative Earth sweatshirt, American Eagle shirt, James Perse tank top, Gap jeans and Ugg shoes worn by Greta Evans in The Boy.

Fans of the Terminator movies will be able to bid on the very LAPD police officer’s black long-sleeve button-front shirt, complete with an “Austin” name badge pinned to the chest, worn by Robert Patrick as T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Also sold will be a size 8 green buttoned dress with pockets worn by Jennifer Lawrence as Kathryn Conover in Hunger Games.

The brown Hamilton button-front military jacket with military pins and belt, made for Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), will be up for bid, as will a screen-worn gold and purple Smallville Panthers cheerleader costume (sweater top and skirt) in the classic Superman movie (1978). The name “Katie” appears on the sweater front.

Two lots from the hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen movie Bruno from 2009 are in the sale: a full see-through costume ensemble worn by Cohen during the ‘Celebrity Pundits’ scene of the movie; and a full-size mannequin, 78 inches tall, dressed in a white cut-off dress shirt, skinny black tie, sailor’s cap, wig and sunglasses. Proceeds will go to benefit the charity Save the Children fund.

Who wouldn’t want to own Mr. Bigglesworth – Mike Myers’s animatronic fluffy white cat from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)? The 19-inch-long prop is in the sale. So is a Marshmallow Man white foam hand (7 ½ inches by 9 inches) used in the original 1984 version of the classic comedy Ghostbusters. The item is from Don Pennington, who worked on the film.

A screen-used black metal machine gun (STEN MK II, non-functioning) from the 2009 Quentin Tarrantino epic Inglorious Basterds, 32 inches long, would be a worthy addition to any movie memorabilia collection. So would the grey, long-sleeve button-front work shirt with holes in the back worn by the late wrestler Roddy Piper as “Nada” in the 1988 movie They Live (size 17/32).

Collectors on the hunt for artwork will be able to bid on original fashion design renderings in watercolor by eight-time Academy Award winning costume designer Edith Head (1897-1981); three sets of original concept painting storyboards drawn for the movie John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars, by New Deal Studios co-founder Ian Hunter; and a concept watercolor and pencil painting of a derelict baseball stadium by New Deal Studios co-founder Matthew Gratzner.

Other noteworthy lots include a pink felt and feather top costume that singer Mariah Carey wore on stage for her New York City Christmas Snow Concert at the Beacon Theater in 2014; a silver rubber knife used by actor Jared Leto as “The Joker” in this year’s hit film Suicide Squad; and an alien robotic head made of hair, foam and hard resin, used in the 1999 movie Wing Commander.

Premiere Props is the world’s largest entertainment memorabilia store. Based in El Segundo, California and in business for 15 years, Premiere Props is where bidders go to find authentic and certified screen-used movie props, movie star-worn costumes, movie and TV memorabilia and entertainment collectibles. The firm is always seeking quality consignments for future auctions.

To learn more about Premiere Props and the upcoming Hollywood Auction Extravaganza XLIII planned for Saturday, October 15th, please visit To view the auction as it is being broadcast live, log on to Updates are posted often.