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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Poster Auctions International’s Rare Posters Auction 93, July 11th, has 410 lauded lithos and maquettes

The posters and preparatory works feature rare and iconic images from a century of poster design. The auction will be held online and live at the PAI gallery in New York City, beginning at 11 am Eastern time.

NEW YORK, N.Y. –– The 93rd Rare Posters Auction from Poster Auctions International on Thursday, July 11 features rare and iconic images from a century of poster design. The collection includes Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern, and Contemporary lithographs as well as decorative panels, maquettes, and original works.

All 410 lots are on view to the public through July 10. The auction will be held live in PAI’s gallery at 26 West 17th Street in New York City, as well as online at, beginning promptly at 11am Eastern time.

Jack Rennert, president of Poster Auctions International, Inc., said, “I am delighted with the collection being offered at auction this July, and I believe that our clients will be equally excited about this choice selection. The sale includes numerous rare and never-before-seen works, plus iconic designs that have been beloved for over a century.”

The auction will begin with 13 designs for Levi’s jeans by Ida van Bladel at the Young and Rubicam agency in Belgium. Ranging from the iconic “bare butt” image to playful riffs on art history, these images are sure to excite fashions buffs (estimates range from $1,200-$2,500).

Next, 21 historic and Modern aviation posters will be auctioned. Offerings include the rare 1909 Une Semaine d’Aviation / Denhaut by an anonymous artist (est. $6,000-$8,000),
Boris Artzybasheff’s 1949 Pan Am / Bermuda (est. $4,000-$5,000), and several playful designs for Pan Am and Air France.

18 designs for bicycles will also be auctioned. Highlights include William H. Bradley’s 1896 Victor Bicycles / Overman Wheel Co. (est. $17,000-$20,000), Francisco Tamagno’s Terrot & Co / Dijon (est. $2,000-$2,500), and two images by O’Galop for Michelin from 1912 and 1913 (ests. $1,400-$1,700).

For automobile buffs, 20 significant posters will be available. Notable lots include Clarence Coles Phillips’ 1912 Flanders Colonial Electric (est. $3,000-$4,000), Pieter Vanderhem’s ca. 1920 Spyker-Auto’s (est. $5,000-$6,000), and Robert Falcucci’s 1932 Monaco Grand Prix (est. $17,000-$20,000).

34 War & Propaganda posters will be auctioned from World War I, World War II, and beyond. Noted lots include Charles Livingston Bull’s 1917 Army Air Service (est. $1,700-$2,000), James Montgomery Flagg’s 1945 Buy Extra Bonds / Jap… You’re Next! (est. $1,400-$1,700), Jean Carlu’s 1942 Production (est. $1,400-$1,700), four images from 1967 by Tomi Ungerer (ests. $1,000-$1,700), and several fascinating anti-Bolshevik designs.

Another featured collection comprises 14 lots from James McMullan, most of which were created for theatrical performances at Lincoln Center. Each of the posters are hand-signed, and several lots include the preparatory maquette as well (ests. ranging $1,200-$3,000).

This auction includes several notable artist collections, such as the 30 works available from the original master of advertising, Leonetto Cappiello. Some of his most delightful images will be available, such as his 1902 Pur Champagne / Damery-Epernay (est. $4,000-$5,000), his 1901 La Caisse Simon / Huîtres Exquises (est. $10,000-$12,000), the rare three-sheet format of his 1905 Fleur des Neiges / Biscuits Pernot (est. $6,000-$8,000), the 1919 Crème de Luzy (est. $5,000-$6,000), and two original drawings of dancers from 1928 (est. $3,500-$4,000).

As always, there will be a hearty selection of works from Alphonse Mucha, who embodied the spirit of Art Nouveau in his luscious images. Top works include his 1899 Plume et Primevère (est. $17,000-$20,000), the 1902 Cycles Perfecta (est. $30,000-$40,000), the Étoile Polaire and Claire de Lune panels from this series The Stars (est. $8,000-$10,000 and $7,000-$9,000), his 1899 Moët & Chandon / Crémant Imperial (est. $17,000-$20,000), and his 1902 Precious Stones / La Topaze (est. $17,000-$20,000).

Another star of the Belle Époque, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, will have 19 works at auction, including his 1895 L’Estampe Originale (est. $70,000-$90,000), the 1897 Partie de Campagne (est. $70,000-$90,000), the 1896 The Chap Book (est. $30,000-$40,000), and his 1899 Jane Avril (est. $50,000-$60,000).

Further turn-of-the-century highlights in this sale include the hand-signed proof of Pierre Bonnard’s 1896 Salon des Cent (est. $12,000-$15,000), Henri Gabriel Ibels’ 1897 Pierrefort / Affiches Artistiques (est. $10,000-$12,000), Johann G. van Caspel’s 1899 De Hollandsche Revue (est. $17,000-$20,000), Privat Livemont’s 1896 Absinthe Robette (est. $17,000-$20,000), Edward Penfield’s 1896 Western Lawn Tennis Tournament (est. $8,000-$10,000), Walter Schnackenberg’s 1912 Odeon Casino (est. $25,000-$30,000) and his Deutsches Theater (est. $8,000-$10,000), and Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen’s 1899 Motocycles Comiot (est. $25,000-$30,000).

Of course, plenty of Art Deco posters will be offered as well, and this auction boasts a fabulous selection. Highlights include Chesley Bonestell’s 1930 New York Central Building (est. $6,000-$8,000), Roger Broders’ 1930 Chamonix Mt. Blanc / Sports d’Hiver (est. $7,000-$9,000), Emil Cardinaux’s 1920 Palace Hotel / St. Moritz (est. $12,000-$15,000), Jean Carlu’s 1926 Aquarium de Monaco (est. $8,000-$10,000), A. M. Cassandre’s 1936 Simca (est. $12,000-$15,000), Edward M. Eggleston’s ca. 1935 Pennsylvania Railroad / Atlantic City (est. $4,000-$5,000), Charles Loupot’s 1928 O Cap / Pour les Cheveux (est. $8,000-$10,000), Leslie Ragan’s 1938 The New 20th Century Limited (est. $6,000-$8,000), and V. Tschetschets’ 1913 Russian Olympics in Kiev (est. $5,000-$6,000).

Public viewings will be held daily through July 10. For more information and to view the digital catalogue, visit You may call the gallery at (212) 787-4000. For general inquiries, the email address is [email protected]

Alphonse Mucha, Cycles Perfecta. 1902. Est: $30,000-$40,000.