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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Let take the stress out of eBay shopping and bag the bargain buys of the season!

It’s every fashionistas’ nightmare: losing out on that must-own item in the closing seconds of an eBay auction – especially if the winning bid ends up being just pennies more than their own!

Being outbid is always a risk on eBay, especially with cult-status, bang-on-trend and hard to find items. And no matter how much a would-be buyer covets that little black dress or those killer heels, even the most committed bargain hunter can’t be at their computer 24/7, meaning those infuriating ‘outbid’ notifications soon start adding up.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the latest technology from, dedicated followers of fashion can take steps to ensure it’s their bid that seals the deal on those must-have fashion finds (or anything else for that matter) and that it’s only winning notifications that land in their inbox! is a ‘sniping’ service – a computer generated bid placed via the buyer’s own eBay account so close to the end of the auction that it is virtually impossible for a another person to put in a higher amount in the remaining seconds – thus clinching the deal and winning the item. And if a buyer’s maximum bid is surpassed, Lastsnipe’s email and text alerts will let them know straight away, giving them the chance to increase their maximum limit, or bow out of the auction. And unlike bidding directly on eBay, the Lastsnipe service allows its customers to edit and cancel their bids if they change their mind before the end of the listing. can also save eBay users money!

“Sniping stops buyers getting involved in emotional bidding wars,” says Jamie Lupton of, warning that prices are sometimes artificially inflated by tit-for-tat bidding in the days leading up to an auction’s end.

“Current statistics show that sniping can save users 20-30% on the maximum price they are prepared to pay on an item. What’s more, at, the service is completely risk free – you only pay if you win the item.” offers very competitive flat rates for its service, at 20 to 50 pence per snipe, unlike most sniping sites who charge a percentage of the final sale. And with all snipes sold as a bundle, a winning bid could cost as little as 20 pence to secure!

With spring’s must have buys selling out fast in stores, canny sellers are getting in quick and already listing the season’s most coveted ranges on eBay – and with certain brands of shoes, bags and sunglasses reaching cult status through celebrity endorsement and magazine exposure, demand is high, and outbidding is rife! hugely increases a bidders’ chance of securing the items they want – and at the price they want to pay!