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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Auction Sniper Makes eBay Bidding Easier

Since 2001, Auction Sniper has been the industry leader for eBay sniping. Now, Auction Sniper has found an exciting new way to improve the process of sniping auctions on eBay.

Auction Sniper’s newly released feature, Bid Enhancement, makes it a little bit easier to snipe and win eBay auctions by giving users the ability to set a field that will trigger a second snipe if their first snipe is outbid.

Here is a quick outline of how auction sniping works: When setting a snipe for an eBay auction, users set a max bid. This is what they want to pay to win the auction. In the very last seconds of the auction, Auction Sniper fires the user’s bid for the item. The bid will win if it is the highest bid and no one is able to bid higher in the seconds before the auction closes.

Sometimes the original max bid will be too low to win the item or someone will bid higher. In these cases, the user would normally lose the auction. Using the new Bid Enhancement feature, however, users can specify the number of bid increments they are willing to pay above the max bid to protect themselves from losing the item in these types of situations. If an item is outbid at the max bid, Bid Enhancement will automatically kick in to give users another chance to win the item.

Bid Enhancement can be set using two to six bid increments over the max bid. It doesn’t guarantee a win, as there are no guarantees in the auction world, but Auction Sniper has found that when used, there is a marked improvement in the chances of winning an auction.

“Our goal at Auction Sniper has always been to make it easy for people to win auctions on eBay,” says Kevin Kinell, Auction Sniper, COO. “Bid Enhancement may not be something everyone uses for every snipe, but it is an exciting new feature that can give a boost when you need it.”

About Auction Sniper
Founded in 2001, Auction Sniper is the recognized leader in eBay auction sniping services, and is the must-have eBay sniper tool for the savvy online-auction buyer. Auction Sniper will place bids during the last few seconds of an online auction which reduces bidding wars and creates a convenient way to make the most of eBay auctions. With Auction Sniper’s eBay sniper software you can win more eBay auctions, get better prices, find items of interest, and organize bidding and buying activities.

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