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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Morphy Auctions Launches Toy Train Auction

Denver, Pennsylvania-based Morphy Auctions, has announced the opening of its new Toy Trains division.

The company anticipates hosting one to two annual specialty sales of antique and vintage trains, and will soft-launch the department with a 600-lot selection of mostly Lionel and other American-made trains in the December 11 to 13 Winter Sale of mixed antiques and art.

“There are more people collecting trains than any other type of toy,” said Dan Morphy, chief operating officer of Morphy Auctions, a division of Geppi’s Entertainment Auctions & Publications. “We’re very happy to be adding specialty train sales to our roster, and look forward to welcoming the train-collecting community to our gallery.”

Morphy’s has appointed respected toy train dealer/collector and TCA (Train Collectors of America) member Ken Post to head the new department. Post will serve as not only the department’s administrator, overseeing cataloging and the sales themselves, but also will be out in the field, sourcing collections and other consignments.

Post grew up in the antiques trade. Both his parents were dealers, and learning from them, he established his own collectible toy and train business at age 15. “Buying and selling antique trains and toys is the only job I’ve ever had,” said Post. “There have been many memorable milestones, like cataloging the Ward Kimball collection and buying – together with a partner – the 5,000-train Stu Robinson collection out of Atlanta. But I’ve always been in pursuit of something, and bringing trains to the forefront at a company like Morphy’s is very exciting.”

“Morphy’s is very organized,” Post continued. “They have a beautiful gallery and display the auction items in showcases. This sort of environment motivates people and makes them want to buy and collect. At Morphy’s, there’s no lack of publicity and promotion, and their catalogs are absolutely outstanding.”

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