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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Dan Morphy Auctions Announces Discovery and Specialty sales

Dan Morphy Auctions’ annual events calendar is about to become a lot busier with the introduction of several new auction series to augment the company’s traditional lineup of five to six cataloged sales per year.

Beginning on March 16, 2010, Morphy’s will conduct a regular monthly Discovery sale featuring general antiques, art and vintage collectibles. The live sales will be held at Morphy’s gallery in Denver, Pa., on the Adamstown antiques strip, and will include Internet live bidding through and Morphy Live. The initial Discovery sale will feature approximately 400-500 lots.

The quality of goods accepted for Morphy’s Discovery sales will be no different than that of Morphy’s major sales. “We’ve been formulating a plan for quite some time that would create a new outlet for dealers and estate executors who handle large quantities of general merchandise, as well as any other consignors who may prefer a quick turnaround time,” said Morphy’s owner and CEO, Dan Morphy.

The sales will be promoted, advertised and marketed in exactly the same fashion as Morphy’s major auctions, with an extended preview period in the run-up to each event.

Dan Morphy said he believes the new sales will develop a regular following because of the potential they hold for treasure-hunters. “That’s why we’re calling them Discovery auctions,” he said, noting that the south-central Pennsylvania region is “rich with houses and estates that harbor antiques and other goods dating back to the earliest European settlement of the Commonwealth. There are exciting finds every day of the week in this part of Pennsylvania. We foresee tremendous potential for these sales, which, in time, could be stepped up to become twice-a-month or even weekly events.”

Also this year, Morphy’s will be launching three new series of specialty auctions operating very similarly to the company’s major auctions. Each of the specialty sales, which will accommodate live and Internet bidding, will specifically focus on one of three categories: antique and vintage firearms; antique and collectible dolls; and antique and vintage toy trains. The monthly sales will follow a consecutive agenda so that each of the three categories is represented with one sale per quarter.

The categories for the new specialty sales were selected because of the high level of buyer interest and the abundance of merchandise consistently available to Morphy’s. “These sales will feature high-quality items for a targeted audience,” Dan Morphy said. “Our major cataloged sales have become so large that we had to find another way to serve the many consignors who want to sell through Morphy’s.” Dan Morphy Auctions’ new Specialty Auction Series is expected to begin with a mid-year toy train sale.

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