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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Sotheby’s Opens Office in Turkey

Sotheby’s Europe, has announced that the company has opened an office in Istanbul and appointed Oya Delahaye as Head of the office to direct the company’s operations in the region. The move, which will make Sotheby’s the first international auction house to have an incorporated office in Turkey, demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing a greater level of service to its clients based in the country.

The announcement coincides with the company’s exhibition, sponsored by Akbank, of highlights from a sale of Turkish Contemporary Art at The Marmara Esma Sultan, which will be sold at Sotheby’s London on 4 March 2009.

Speaking of Sotheby’s office opening, Henry Wyndham, Chairman Sotheby’s Europe, said: “In recent years, collectors and buyers based in Turkey have become increasingly active in Sotheby’s international auctions across a broad spectrum of categories. Our decision to open an office in Turkey and appoint Oya Delahaye – a Turkish national – as Head of the office is testament to the importance of Turkish-based clients to Sotheby’s global business. This initiative will allow us to provide a more sophisticated level of service to our existing collectors and enable the company to further develop its client base in the country.”

Ali Can Ertug, Sotheby’s Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development, said: “As a Turk, it is a proud moment for me to be present at the opening of the Sotheby’s Istanbul office, which is an undertaking that fits in with Sotheby’s worldwide strategy and emphasis on client service. Many things have brought us to this day. It is only natural that a company such as Sotheby’s that has had such a longstanding relationship with Turkey and the Turkish market should be the first international auction house to incorporate itself and open an office in Istanbul. It is my pleasure to present Oya Delahaye, a truly global member of the international art scene herself, as the Head of the Istanbul office.”

Oya Delahaye, Head of Sotheby’s Turkish Office, commented: “Turkey, a country steeped in the cultural wealth of the past, has in recent years been developing a vibrant artistic scene. As the art market here has developed apace, Turkish collectors have been making their presence felt on the broader international stage. The growing strength of the country’s collecting base has influenced Sotheby’s decision to open an office in Istanbul at this time and expand its operations. I am delighted to be joining the experienced and highly capable team of Turkish nationals already in place at Sotheby’s.”

Oya Delahaye has come to the world of international fine art auctions as Head of Sotheby’s Istanbul Office, following careers in both film and creative marketing. After studying Cinema at the Sorbonne, University of Paris, Ms Delahaye became a film editor, and then moved on to producing commercials for Planete Spots, one of the biggest commercial production companies in Paris. Following extensive experience gathered from her work with creative directors for major international clients and advertising agencies, Ms. Delahaye returned to her own artistic heritage by running an interior design boutique in Paris dedicated to Turkish and Ottoman “keyif” and “art de vivre”, where she organized several art exhibitions.