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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information Announces Dealership Liquidation Program

With the automotive industry in peril and over 2400 dealerships closing in the following months, is offering a special program to assist in liquidating the assets of those being sent to the auction block. The program will allow auction firms to broadcast the sale of these dealerships at a discounted rate, and with a simplified process. leads the industry in live auction webcasts, presenting a format for online bidding and catalog presentation that will increase the exposure of an auction and generate increased revenue for the seller, by opening the auction floor to bidders from around the world and increasing the competition on the sales floor.

Given the current conditions of the market, it is necessary to take every step possible to ensure successful events for both auction firms and their clients. BidSpotter has specifically tailored this program for the automotive industry where they will have a designated forum to present their inventories to other dealers and the to the public.

This program will offer a flat listing rate of $350, with no additional fees for implementation or advertising, and include a 3% commission only on lots won online in the form of a Buyer’s Premium. This will be an affordable and appropriate avenue for the fallen dealerships to pursue.

With dealerships listed and available in a common venue for reallocation, it will give greater presence in the marketplace allowing them to be more accessible to interested parties. Accessibility and ease in locating the sales on the web will be key in the outcome of these liquidations. has the toolset to provide the venue, exposure and increased sell through. Having broadcast thousands of auctions, for thousands of auctioneers, their technology and customer service are equaled by none.

For additional information pertaining to the Dealership Listing Program, please contact BidSpotter at [email protected], 360-876-5707, or online at