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Main Street Fair Classified Ads and Auction Site Brings in Funding for Schools

To provide supplemental funding to schools, Main Street Fair, the online classified ads and auction website that is branding itself as the easiest to use e-commerce site, is now open for business.

main-street-fair“We believe Main Street Fair is the easiest classified ads and auction website to use online,” said Lisa Porter, Main Street Fair CEO/president. “Even opening a storefront doesn’t require additional training.”
Main Street Fair categories range from free stuff to cars to used electronics. Houses, travel vacation packages, concert tickets and much more are but a sampling of what visitors can list and find on Main Street Fair.

“When teachers, school administrators and parents see the earning potential Main Street Fair has to bring in money to their schools, we think they will become our biggest advocates,” said Porter.

Main Street Fair, with its no or low-cost classified ads and online auctions, contributes a percentage of its income to schools sellers choose across America. The site was developed as a way to help fund schools, yet equally serve as a platform for people who want to make money by using the site as a retail outlet or to sell unwanted items. It resulted from a single mother of an 11-year-old, who became frustrated with dismal education funding, and arts and other enrichment programs being slashed.

“People don’t have enough money to contribute to keep many of our school programs going, so we hope to do it for them,” said Porter. “All people need to do now is list their items so schools can start receiving money donations from Main Street Fair.”

Main Street Fair also supports upper education by offering free classified listings for textbooks.

“It’s tough enough for college students to keep up with the rising cost of education,” said Porter. “At Main Street Fair, students can list their textbooks for free so they don’t have to pay mark-up fees.”

“Main Street Fair is a site that offers a deal for everyone: It donates funds to schools, sellers make money by getting rid of things they don’t want or product they have in stock, and buyers find great deals. Making money online while supporting education doesn’t get any easier than that!”

Main Street Fair also expects to draw a large number of storefronts, charging an introductory offer of only $15 per month with unlimited listings. The storefronts offer owners a variety of templates to choose from, logo upload capabilities, a unique online address, the ability to send out customized newsletters and much more.

“People can virtually have their own online auction and classified ads site without the cost or liability of ownership,” said Porter

Companies can also promote themselves using Main Street Fair’s banner ad program. The ads may be linked to their websites. This could increase their website’s traffic significantly. Furthermore, advertisers will have access to a detailed statistical report to monitor banner and text ads using real-time information. This comprehensive report includes the number of clicks and click through rate (CTR) and number of impressions to keep ads performing at their maximum potential.

As customers benefit, so will education. The more people that use Main Street Fair to buy and sell, whether as classified ads or auctions, the more money the schools will earn.

“Main Street Fair is starting on the ground floor, but expects to quickly generate significant ongoing revenue for schools,” said Porter. “It’s a winner’s circle for buyers, sellers, schools and students.”

The company is headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita. For more information on Main Street Fair, please call (877) 797-1998 or log on to