Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Celebrity Auction to Benefit Brain-Injured Children

Celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, and politics have joined forces to raise money and awareness for children/young adults with Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury (PABI) by donating their valuable time and products to an online auction.

The auction, being hosted on (…) through July 29, 2009, features amazing celebrity experiences like a sit-in during The Howard Stern show including a tour of his studio; a meet and greet with fashion designer Nanette Lepore at her New York office; dinner with former New York Governors George Pataki and Hugh Carey (whose recollection of names and events Newsday recently called encyclopedic) at the famed “21” Club in Manhattan; VIP tickets to a taping of Judge Jeanine Pirro and lunch with the judge in her chambers; as well as luxury items such as a collection of hostess tools and books donated by Martha Stewart a dress from Nicole Miller’s runway collection donated by the designer and the voice of Barbie (Kristy Kay) on your voicemail.
In January, the National Advisory Board of The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation developed the first-ever National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan (PABI Plan) which creates a standardized system of care universally accessible for all children/young adults affected by Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury (PABI) no matter where they live in the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of new PABI cases in the United States is over one million each year, making PABI the leading cause of death and disability in children/young adults.
Comparatively speaking, in 2008, there were twice as many children who suffered a brain injury than those who received stitches. Proceeds from the auction will go towards the support of families already affected by PABI as well as implementing the PABI Plan across the country. In June, The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation announced the largest healthcare collaboration in U.S. history dealing with PABI as it began implementing the PABI Plan.
“We are so thankful to these well-known and influential people involved in this auction for their desire to help children and their families affected by Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury”, stated Patrick Donohue, founder of The Sarah Jane Brain Project and father of Sarah Jane Donohue.
Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury is a brain injury sustained from traumatic or non-traumatic causes from birth to age 25. Traumatic causes can include motor vehicle accidents, falls, blast injuries from war, assaults/child abuse, sports concussions, gunshot wounds, or being struck by an object. Non-traumatic causes include strokes, brain tumors, meningitis, poisoning, insufficient oxygen, ischemia, pediatric AIDS and substance abuse.
About The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation: The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the country dealing with children and young adults with brain injury and their families. The National Advisory Board has just about every major medical institution (from MD Anderson and Johns Hopkins to Mayo Clinic and Mount Sinai) to every major Research University (from Harvard and Yale to UCLA and NYU) represented and participating in its efforts. It is named after four-year-old Sarah Jane Donohue. For more information about PABI or The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, please visit
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