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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Online Auction For Popular Social Media and Video Marketing News Website

Social media and video marketing company (Hi-End Marketing, Inc) A California based corporation is holding an asset sale for a portfolio of websites including one of their growing video marketing news sites using one of the worlds largest public auction websites

“ was developed in 2007 initially as a place where business owners could go to find online tools they could use to leverage the exploding social media video market to bring in new customers to their businesses” said site manager Frank Bruno in an interview.

Bruno says that their company Hi-End Marketing, Inc. ( has been concentrating on serving local business owners within the last 8 months to help them bring new customers and clients into their establishments using social media, SEO, Video marketing.

Bruno says they have been slowly liquidating websites from their portfolio over the last year so they can concentrate on serving local business owners nationwide and that the video marketing news site is their latest website for sale at public auction.

“We’ve held several public auction asset sales in the last 12 months auctioning off some of our established websites from our portfolio and they all sell pretty quick on” Frank stated. “This is a great opportunity for individuals to own their own virtual asset or for other companies to acquire new web properties to leverage their existing business.”

According to Frank they have sold websites from their portfolio ranging in price from $370,000 down to as little as $300 and that 90% of their websites have been sold on Flippa and most sell within 10-14 days.

Interested parties can find their latest website for sale at a live public auction at

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