BASSENGE to auction Isabella Gabriel Niang’s Kiss Me in Berlin

BASSENGE are to auction Isabella Gabriel Niang’s Kiss Me (1997) in Berlin on June 2. The viewer looks at the mask-like face of a dark-skinned, exotic beauty. Large areas of color and rapid brushstrokes outline her face, her eyebrows, a broad nasal bridge and a cloth tied around her head.

Küß mich, Öl auf Papier. 59,1 x 42 cm. Signiert und betitelt. (1997).

Curiosity powers Niang‘s painting, fuels her desire to look behind the scenes, to see what makes things work, learn of relationships and give them expression in her painting: to capture her vision, insights and experience on the two-dimensional surface as a developing concept without preconception. Niang‘s creative commitment and impact is the result both of taking this path and of the surprise and the resistance experienced in the taking of it. Her painting lives from the materiality of the surface, from the sensuous structure,a vulnerable, quiet tenderness and an expressive act of liberation.

Niang walks a tightrope between concrete and abstract. Shapes floating in highly individual treatment reveal themselves, only to withdraw again – outlines clear enough to trigger concrete ideas and associations in the viewer‘s mind, yet open and free enough to allow the viewer‘s imagination to wander.

At the heart of all painting is the act of experiencing. Niang applies layer upon layer of paint, and in destroying existing forms gives rise to new ones. From compositions, shapes, structures and fields of colour emerges something previously non-existent, something that refers to each of us. Hidden, translucent inner light. The creative process as verification of existence.

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