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BASSENGE Modern Art Spring Auction 99. Mind on all flesh

In the upcoming BASSENGE Modern Art Spring Auction 99 on June 2 in Berlin the contemporary goes forward and initiates cultural processes.

Visitors can encounter two paintings and three charcoal drawings by artist and donor Isabella Gabriel Niang from Berlin. The charcoal drawings titled “Joy. Pain. Passion. Vulnerability.“ are part of a cycle developed over several years. Existential, emotional states in powerful and very dynamic figures elaborated to the point of dissolution reflect different conditions of the human being.

The works will be auctioned to the benefit of the trust Stiftung Internationales Forum and the preparation of the intercultural and transcontinental project APPROXIMATION“ Senegal-China-Germany 2013 with the topic “Art and its Power“.

How can the universal languages of art and the mental enrichment provided by it be used even better – as an indispensable way – to understand other cultures and to experience them in ourselves?

Within the emotional and sensitive density shown in the works of Isabella Gabriel Niang the individual body becomes the connecting empathic figure to embrace the body of humanity.
As such the unique potential hidden in art here figures as an ambassador in the dialogue of interior and exterior connectivity both of individual and intercultural spheres. Personality and the world as a whole become perceptible and tangible in new ways.

Mind on all flesh. Art and it´s range of influence to be explored.