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A small but rare memento of the modern Olympic Games has come to light after many years languishing in a loft.

1908 London Olympic GamesIt is a Judge’s badge and accompanying Participation medal from the 1908 London Olympic Games, (together with the associated event programme). The medal and badge were both struck by Vaughton of Birmingham. These are rare survivors and important relics of our sporting history.

The badge made of pressed silvered metal and enamel miraculously retains its original box of issue. It shows the head of Athena encircled with the words ‘Olympic Games, London, 1908, Judge’. The white metal medal designed by B. Mackennal depicts the winged figure of Victory on one side and a quadriga winning a chariot race on the other. The matching programme, although frayed at the edges is legible and details the programme of events and other useful information including an interesting advert for ‘Embrocine’ which claims to have been used by noted athletes and makes ‘old people feel young’.

As to how this Olympic memorabilia came to end up in Lichfield is a mystery lost in the passage of time. The London Olympics last year ignited worldwide interest in collecting memorabilia relating to the Games and these badges and medals rarely turn up at auction. When they do, Judge’s badges can fetch up to £1,000 and participation medals have been known to realise over £500.

These will be auctioned in Richard Winterton’s Antique, Home & Interiors Auction in Lichfield on 23rd October. The preview is Tuesday 22nd October from 2pm to 7pm.

Free valuations of all types of medals including sporting and military are held at The Lichfield City Centre Salerooms on Tuesdays from 10am to 12midday. Please phone the Auctioneers on 01543 251081 to make an appointment.