Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Modular Home Insolvency Auction

Four prefab/modular houses are to be auctioned in connection with the insolvency of modular home building firm Schachnerbau of Styria, Austria.

Karner and Dechow HomesThree model homes are already assembled in the Blue Lagoon area in Southern Vienna and in Graz and Salzburg and are being live-auctioned via webcast, with all interior fixtures and installations included. One unassembled, ready-to-build traditional cabin and the company’s operating equipment, including production machinery, are to be auctioned off online.

Austria’s largest private insolvency auction house, Karner & Dechow, was hired to conduct the auctions, and has set the opening bid level for the houses at only 30% of the regular “turnkey price”. Interested parties are invited to inquire with the firm for contact data on providers qualified to disassemble the houses and reassemble them as desired.

Information, including photos, plans, viewing and other appointments and starting prices are posted on the auctioneer website: