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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Zaldiva, Inc. Releases Podcast on Its Fully Licensed Auction House Business

Zaldiva, Inc. a specialty and online distributor of new and vintage Pop Culture collectibles, comic books and memorabilia, announces today that it is releasing a podcast to the network. The 9th podcast features a closer look at their registered and fully licensed eBay drop off location and the revenue, traffic and inventory it provides to this unique business model that Zaldiva has developed.

The eBay drop off center at Zaldiva is in full swing, tapping into a network of well over 83 million buyers and sellers. In this podcast released by, President Nicole Leigh talks about the process involved in becoming a registered and fully licensed eBay location and why this new segment of the business operation sets Zaldiva apart from other comics and collectible stores.

“Our eBay drop off business is a fast growing segment of our operations, providing strength to our current bottom line,” stated Nicole Leigh, President of Zaldiva, Inc. “Collectively, we have become quasi-experts of a wide variety of merchandise and how best to use the eBay medium to sell products at higher margins than many could do on their own.”

“We make it simple for our customers,” said eBay frontman Steve Ballard. “The client comes into the store and wants to know how much they will need to pay for our eBay service. They are pleased to find out that our contract with them involves nothing more than dropping off their merchandise and coming back later to pick up their check. We evaluate a product’s ability to sell, drive traffic to the item with professional advertising layouts and handle all the shipping.”

Zaldiva’s retail store location is also positioned perfectly for constant daily traffic. Just about everyone has something they want to buy and/or sell and Zaldiva’s auction business is right in front of them everyday. Combined with targeted local advertising, this combines a very strong punch for the business.

Zaldiva offers merchandise for sale in its Fort Lauderdale, FL retail location, online at and through its fully licensed auction house & eBay drop off center within the retail location. podcasts can be found in the iTunes store by searching for Zaldiva podcasts. They can be viewed or downloaded to mobile devices in iTunes for free. The iTunes download is available for free at

Future podcasts will focus on investor and partner briefings, the Comic Book Business and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with legendary Golden Age Marvel Comic Book Artist ALLEN BELLMAN.

About Zaldiva, Inc.

Zaldiva is a distribution system unique to the specialty retail industry, focusing its product orientation on the comic books and collectibles genre including classic, pop-culture and modern memorabilia. The company combines a highly visible brick and mortar location in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with an e-commerce website and portal ( which operates in conjunction with a series of ancillary websites and online auctions. The key areas of interest are Comic Books, Statues, Action Figures, Graphic Novels and Collectibles.

For more information call Nicole Leigh @ 954-938-4133 or visit Zaldiva at